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3G in Pakistan – Future Prospects

3G in Pakistan is now available. A bidding ceremony for the licensing of 4G and 3G in Pakistan was held on 23rd April, 2014 in Islamabad. Four mobile companies took part in the bidding process and got different shares. Among these four companies, three has got the 3G license including Mobilink, Telenor and Ufone. Zong telecommunication has won the bidding of both 3G and 4G technology. This makes Zong the first Pakistani mobile operator to have offered the 4G services.3G in Pakistan, a local symbol


Long awaited entrance of 3G in Pakistan

3G in Pakistan has been available on cellular networks after a very long anticipation period. The public was really upset with the slow GPRS and EDGE connections. People of Pakistan and particularly the youth are in a state of joy. 3G will offer new spectrum to the economic growth and foreign investment in Pakistan. According to an estimate about 0.9 million jobs vacancies will be opened for the public and the faster data connection technology will also boost the budget statistics.

3G and 4G data packages offered by different mobile operators

All the four mobile operating companies (Telenor, Mobilink, Ufone and Zong) has invested a handsome amount of money in availing the license of 3G and 4G data connectivity. The companies always follow the business approach and now that much amount is to be compensated by the users and public that is benefiting from the service. Firstly, it should be kept in mind that the mobile internet over 3G and 4G networks is not going to be cheaper. Pakistani public is used to the cheaper short messaging service charges/rates. Similarly, the GPRS bundles are also very much affordable. But for the faster and smoother data connections, more investment and money is required. Secondly, is should also be considered that after entry of 3G in Pakistan the competition is tough. The mobile operators are surely going to decrease their rates with the passage of time. So, keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best to happen.

For a view at 3G rates offered by Ufone, click here.

3G/4G vs Wifi internet

Keeping in view the current situation before entry of 3G in Pakistan. A person can get unlimited data package over a wifi connection for about 1000 rupees. Now, wifi is a very popular option among the general users of mobile internet because of its easiness and affordability. 3G/4G on the other hand offer faster data transfer rates at any where on the ground if you are in the range of mobile signal. So, it will be challenge for the mobile operators working in Pakistan to adjust the pricing according to prevailing conditions and customer behavior.

3G in Pakistan after all will boost the economic progress in the country.

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