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Abnormal Psychology An Integrative Approach 8th edition pdf – Review

Abnormal Psychology An Integrative Approach 8th edition is a compact book based on the topic of Abnormal Psychology. Abnormal Psychology is basically that branch of science which deals with the people not behaving normally according to society. Psychopathology is another name of abnormal Psychology. Psychology is study of mind & behavior whereas pathology means diseases. This text beautifully covers the topic of abnormal psychology.

Abnormal Psychology An Integrative Approach 8th edition pdf

This book is written by two highly qualified Professors of Psychology. The names of authors are David H Barlow and V Mark Durand. David H Barlow is Professor at Boston university. V Mark Durand is professor at university of South Florida. Moreover, authors have done great work by writing Abnormal Psychology.

Abnormal Psychology An integrative approach 7th edition pdf.

In chapter 1, different traditional concepts about Abnormal Psychology are discussed. These are supernatural, biological & psychological. Topics are also well explained in very easy manner.

In chapter 2, readers get knowledge about contributions and factors that are causes of abnormal Psychology. Similarly, In chapter 3, readers understand different methods how to do assessment. It also helps in doing diagnosis of persons having  abnormal behavior. Similarly, chapter 4 deals with research methods and statistical approaches for Abnormal Psychology.

Next 10 chapters give compiled information about many disorders of behavior. These disorders include Anxiety, Trauma & stress, obsessive-compulsive and Somatic symptoms. Moreover, other disorders include Dissociative, Mood, Health and Neuro-cognitive disorders etc. Last chapter suggests the Services for Abnormal Psychology in context of abnormal Psychology.

Abnormal Psychology An Integrative Approach 8th edition pdf is really an appreciable piece of work. It will suffice the students and readers who want to get information about deviant behavior in society. Even teachers teaching this subject can also get valuable information. So, Abnormal Psychology An Integrative Approach in short is a precise &  comprehensive book.

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