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Abu Rehan Al-Beruni – Life History

Abu Rehan Al-Beruni is ranked among the greatest Muslim scientists. He like Bu Ali Sina was very learned man. He learnt the art and knowledge that Hindu possessed. Then he wrote them and made the world aware of these arts-men. Al-Beruni is the historian of Hindu culture and civilization.

Birth of Al-Beruni

There was a town near Khwarzim (Khiwa). It is called Berun. Al Beruni was born there in 973 A.D. Right from his childhood Al- Beruni was intelligent and bright in studies. He always out classed his fellow students. Two of his teachers taught him astrology and mathematics. These subjects were liked by him the most. Due to his fame, Sultan Mehmood called him to Ghazni and from here he went to Punjab and Kashmir. He learnt Sansikrat and developed skills in the Hindu art. It was due to his wisdom and knowledge that the Pandits of area started calling him “Widya Sagar”. Widya Sagar means “sea of wisdom”. Many Pandits started learning astrology and mathematics under his discipleship.

Al-Beruni Life history

Literary Work & Contributions of Al-Beruni

Al-Beruni might have written about one hundred books. But now-a-days,only few are available. His most renowned and comprehensive book is “Al-Qanun-ul-Masoodi”. Another book is “Kitab-ul-hind”. In this book he wrote the geography of India, customs of the native people, details of their religions and different field of learning they had. He also writes about Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Sialkot and Jhelum. This fact strengthens the argument that most of his time was spent in Punjab.

In his age, many battles were forget between Mehmood Ghaznavi and Hindu Rajas. This had created a tension between Muslims and Hindus. But Al-Beruni kept meeting with Hindus Pandits and they respected him a lot. Al-Beruni also spent some time in the court of king Mamoon (Ruler of Khwarzim). Bu Ali Sina was also present there. Mehmood Ghaznavi’s son Masood Ghaznavi had great reverence for Al-Beruni.

Death of Al-Beruni:

Al-Beruni died in 1948.


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