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Active Packaging for Food Applications

Among modern packaging concepts “active packaging” is the most useful. “Active Packaging for food applications” is a concise and authentic book on food packaging. Book is edited by Aaron L. Brody, Eugene R. Strupinsky and Lauri R. Kline. It illustrates the importance of effective packaging for foods. This book efficiently introduces the topic of active packaging. Then, it describes the different systems of active packaging that are currently available. A detailed layout and explanation of oxygen scavenging system is presented. Different types of oxygen scavengers are studied by the book authors. Then other factors included in active packaging technology are highlighted.

Importance of moisture control in food packaging along with different moisture removers is presented briefly. Gas permeability or impermeability of packaging material is a crucial factor in shelf life. So, a chapter of the book “Active Packaging for Food Applications”¬†mentions methods to manage gas permeability. Similarly the ethylene absorbents and their role in food quality is also elucidated in this book. Active Packaging for Food Applications pays special attention towards odor and aroma manipulation techniques. As aroma and odor can severely affect the keeping quality of packaged foods. A most excited feature of this book is the inclusion of antimicrobial packaging. Antimicrobial packaging is a type of active packaging. It has great applications for food safety in the coming future. So it can be said that active packaging for food applications is an appreciable effort in food packaging and food preservation science. Writing style of the book is simple. The text and font of the book is user friendly and bright. Difficult equations and derivations are avoided by the authors. So, this book is valuable for understanding the basic principles and concept of active packaging for the foods.

Book Title; “Active Packaging for Food Applications”


Aaron L. Brody , Eugene R. Strupinsky , Lauri R. Kline

Front cover of Active Packaging for Food Applications


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