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Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism 7th edition pdf free download

Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism is a higher level book on nutrition. It equally addresses nutrition and metabolism. Metabolism is the sum of biochemical reactions taking place in the body. Once the nutrients are absorbed and assimilated, these are then metabolized. The break down of these nutrients provides energy. Similarly other complex substances form as we eat food. This post contain a review of book Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism 7th edition.

Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism 7th edition

Many editions of this book are present in the market. The latest edition available is 7th edition. Book is written by Sareen S Gropper & Jack L Smith. It contains fourteen chapters which are categorized in 3 main sections. The details of the contents is as under.

Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism 7th edition pdf

The first section is related to physiology of cell and digestive system. These two structures hold key in nutrition and metabolism. Adequate information about cell and its components is provided. Same is the case with digestive system.

Second section of book associates to macro nutrients. Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism 7th edition explains not these major energy yielding nutrients. Apart from introduction, their metabolism and body functioning also comes under discussion. This section contains two chapters on energy mechanisms and also discusses the impact of exercise on metabolism and nutrition.

Third and last section of the book is “the regulatory nutrients” and contains 6 chapters. Two chapters deal with water and fat soluble vitamins. Three chapters deal with minerals. Apart from major minerals there are essential trace minerals in the body. Then the non-essential mineral nutrients also have regulatory function.¬†Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism discusses all of them in detail.

So, it seems that this book have more influence of metabolism and biochemistry. It is different in nature in comparison with other nutrition books. Overall, there is a detail and elaboration of all the concepts.

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