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Ahkam e Shariat Book by Ala Hazrat (R.A)

Ahkam e Shariat is a compilation of fatawa by Molana Ahmad Raza Khan Fazil Barailvi (R.A). He is popularly known as Ala Hazrat (R.A). He was born in Baraily Sharif. His name at birth was “Mohammad”. He lived from 1856 to 1921. Ala Hazrat is the author of so many religious books. His extensive Fatawa Rizwia expands upto a number of volumes. He had in-depth knowledge of religious issues. Apart from the religious knowledge, he had mastered 70 fields of learning. Renowned professors of mathematics used to come to him in order to get mathematical problems solved. Thousands of Fatawas had been written by Ala Hazrat. This demonstrates his knowledge of Fiqh. Ahkam e Shariat is another master piece written from the pen of Ala Hazrat (R.A).

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About Ahkam e ShariatAhkam e Shariat

 Ahkam e Shariat contains answers to about 230 different Masail. The masail and religious issues are related to Islam. The Fatawa in Ahkam e Shariat are given in question answer format. A question is asked and then a complete debate about different aspects of the problem follows. Reference of Ahadees and Quranic verses is given accordingly.

Like other books of Ala Hazrat Ahkam e Shariat also contains vast knowledge. Detailed responses to the questions asked from Ala Hazrat are also compiled in the book. The date on which Fatwa was given is mentioned at the start of the question. The nature and circle of religious questions answered is very wide. These are related to everyday living of a person. The Fatawa given by Ala Hazrat (R.A) hold a high place in literary circles. This is all because he was a great Faqih and Mufti. Ahkam e Shariat consists of 242 pages and has a disk size of about 33 MB.

Download the Book from here.

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