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Ahkam e Zakat Book Review

“Fatawa e Ahle Sunnat Ahkam e Zakat” is a collection of Fatwa related to Zakat. Zakat is an obligation for Muslims who have the pre-set resources. It maintains an economic equity in the society. Due to the concept of Zakat, wealth is continuously circulated in a Muslim society. This mechanism takes money from the rich and gives it to the poor. As the world is changing, new and new problems related to execution of Islamic orders is faced by the Muslim community. In this respect the need of Ijtehad is necessary.

This book Ahkam e Zakat has included the commonly asked questions by the Muslim community. Ahkam e Zakat Book contains seven chapters. Each chapter has questions and answers related to a particular topic on Zakat. The book is compiled and published the Darul Ifta of Dawat e Islami. One must consider going through this book before distributing the Zakat among the poor and the needy. eBook is very comprehensive and covers the topic of Zakat in details. It is a must read book for Muslims as Zakat becomes an obligation when we have the required income and savings.

Book Title: “Ahkam e Zakat”

This eBook of pdf format has about 632 pages. The size on disk is 89 Megabites.

Ahkam e Zakat free download


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