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Applied Dairy Microbiology pdf Download

Applied Dairy microbiology is a very useful microbiology book. It has been edited by Elmer H. Marth & James L. Steele. Dairy and milk products are used in larger quantities world wide. These dairy products contain a wide array of micro-organisms. These micro-organisms also play a key role in the fermented dairy products as well.

Review of Applied Dairy Microbiology

First chapter of the eBook is about the microbiology of the dairy animals. Different microbes that may be added and present as such are discussed. Then the microbiological aspects of different dairy products are reviewed. These products include raw milk products, dry milk products, deserts, butter and similar products. Many fermented dairy items need a starter culture for their production. The introduction to starter culture and its use is explained. The metabolism of starter culture and particularly LAB (Lactic acid bacteria) is also given in this book.

LAB have been used in many fermented products. They vary from pickles to yogurts. They add a particular flavor to the food. Increase in shelf life is also done by the decrease in pH they make. Fermented milks and creams are popular food items. They are also added in the context of this book. Cheese products and other commonly used dairy items also have microbiological perspective. Applied dairy microbiology is a detailed book. It covers majority of the topics that come in dairy microbiology. The testing and analysis of dairy products help detect adulteration.

Applied dairy microbiology describes methods of testing. Later part of eBook includes information about waste treatment of dairy wastes. So, applied dairy microbiology is a very elaborated and well written book. Data presentation in the book is nice and effective. Applied Dairy Microbiology’s second edition has been reviewed here.

Applied Dairy Microbiology free download


For getting more and detailed knowledge about dairy products read the Encyclopedia of Dairy sciences. Similarly to understand the biochemistry of Dairy products we have another book reviewed.

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