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Bu Ali Sina – A Great Muslim Scientist

Bu Ali Sina is a famous philosopher of medicine and philosophy both in east and west. He is known as the father of medicine. His book Qanoon (The Canon of Medicine) is part of syllabus of most universities of Europe till 15th century.

Family Background and Childhood

Real name of Bu Ali Sina was Hussain. His father’s name was Abdullah. Family was famous with reference to Ibn-e-Sina that was his 5th forefather.  Abdullah was the ruler of a place of Bukhara. Bu Ali Sina was born in August 980 in Bukhara. He was a contemporary of Al-Beruni. He learnt the Arabic subjects and completed them when he was 10 years old. He studied philosophy, mathematics and medicine for six years. In age of seventeen he treated a king Nooh Ibn-e-Mansoor who was suffering from dangerous disease. When the king recovered, he gave permission to Bu Ali Sina for studying in his royal library along with other prizes.Bu Ali Sina Muslim Scientist

Ups and Downs of Life

The rule of Samani family was ended in 1004. After this Bu Ali Sina served the ruler Khwarzim for some years. After this he was busy in study of medicine and philosophy in Jarjan. From there he went to Hamdan and was appointed as the minister of Sham-us-Daula. Then army revolted against them and ordered to kill the minister. Bu Ali Sina escaped from there safely.  After some years government of king of Isfahan was established. Bu Ali Sina became busy in writing books.

Books of Bu Ali Sina

Bu Ali Sina wrote many books. Among his books Kitab ul Shifa and Qanoon Fi Al Tib are most famous. Bu Ali Sina also wrote an encyclopedia named Lisan ul Arab that consist of knowledge of all subjects. Bu Ali Sina was the master of Philosophy, Metaphysics, Logic, Mathematics and Medicine. His book Al-Qanoon was part of syllabus in most universities of Euorpe till 15th century. In the university of Mont Plair and Leuven, his books were in syllabus til 1650. All of his books have been translated  in European languages.


Bu Ali Sina was used to intense mental hard work. Once he was going with army on an expedition and severely fell ill. Bu Ali Sina died in June 1037.

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