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About Pakistan

Agriculture in Pakistan – An Overview

Rice plantation in Pakistan Paddy crop

Pakistan is predominantly an agricultural economy. Agriculture in Pakistan is practiced by a large segment of population. About seventy percent of the population is directly or indirectly linked to agricultural occupation. Agriculture in Pakistan also engages about 45 % of the country’s labor force. According to the economic survey, share is agriculture in GDP is 19%. With the advancement in …

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Economic Survey of Pakistan 2013-14 pdf

Economic Survey of Pakistan pdf

Economic Survey of Pakistan is a document issued by the finance division of government of Pakistan. It is issued every year before the approval of budget for the next fiscal year. This post discusses the Economic Survey of Pakistan 2013-14. The fiscal year of 2013-14 was the first year of the new government of PML-N. Overall the economy strengthened as compared …

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Desertification in Pakistan and its Control

deforestation and desertification in pakistan and climate change

Desertification in Pakistan has become a major problem to sustainable agriculture and social setup. Pakistan is a country with its greater area comprising of drylands. Arid and semi-arid constitute 80% of its total area. Livelihood of a huge Pakistan population is dependent on drylands. Pakistan is a developing country. It is also it severely by desertification and land degradation. Land …

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Agricultural Education in Pakistan

agriculture in pakistan

Agricultural Education in Pakistan has been on continuous improvement lines. Pakistan is an agricultural economy. Major part of GDP comes from agriculture. Two third of the national population is linked with agriculture directly or indirectly. Major portion of labor force is also employed in Pakistan. Considering all these factor, one can say that agriculture has been a supporting hand for …

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Agro Ecological zones of Pakistan

Agro-ecological regions of Pakistan with rainfall

This post will concentrate on the geography and rainfall in Agro ecological zones of Pakistan. Basically, Pakistan has been divided into ten agro ecological zones based on climate, water availability, land use and physiography.   Major Agro Ecological zones of Pakistan The major Agro Ecological zones of Pakistan alongwith their locality features, rainfall pattern and geography is given as under. Indus Delta …

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