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About Pakistan

Agricultural Institutes in Pakistan – Acronyms

Agricultural Institutes in Pakistan

Pakistan is predominantly an agricultural country. Agriculture contributes 21 percent of the GDP of Pakistan. A large share of labour force is employed in agricultural sector. There are many institute and organizations for agriculture in Pakistan. They are constantly working for improved and better agricultural practices . Given below is a list of some of the agricultural institutes in Pakistan. …

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Irrigation & Canal System of Pakistan – An brief Overview

Canal System of Pakistan

Before looking at the irrigation & canal system of Pakistan, firstly what a canal is? Canal can be regarded as a man made waterway that serves the functions of drainage or irrigation. Canal takes the water from the river and transports it to field area where utilization is made. The canals come out of rivers, dams, and barrages. Canal System …

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Climatic Zones and Regions of Pakistan with rainfall data

Pakistan lies in the monsoon region, yet its climate is mostly dry.There is a great variation in the patterns of rainfall in different climatic zones and regions of Pakistan.The average annual rainfall in Pakistan is 255 mm. The climatic zones and regions of Pakistan with there representative cities are as under: List of¬†Climatic zones and Regions of Pakistan Arid and …

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3G in Pakistan – Future Prospects

3G in Pakistan is now available. A bidding ceremony for the licensing of 4G and 3G in Pakistan was held on 23rd April, 2014 in Islamabad. Four mobile companies took part in the bidding process and got different shares. Among these four companies, three has got the 3G license including Mobilink, Telenor and Ufone. Zong telecommunication has won the bidding …

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