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Food Science & Technology Books

Emerging Technologies for Food Processing pdf 2nd Edition

Emerging technologies for food processing pdf

Emerging technologies for food processing is a detailed book on recent advances in food technology. With the passage of time the processing of food is being modified. New methods and procedures are in practice to process food. Research in the field of food processing has been constantly carried out. Easier, efficient and more optimized ways of processing foods are devised. …

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Drying Fruits and Vegetables made easy

drying fruits and vegetables pdf download

Drying fruits and vegetables is a brief and concise catalog for drying of foods. Specifically fruits and vegetables drying is illustrated. Drying is a preservation technique of immense importance. It has been in practice since pre historic times. Drying removes moisture from foods. As moisture is not available, so activity of microbes is hampered. Drying of fruits and vegetables is …

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Fish Fermentation Technology pdf

Fish Fermentation Technology pdf free download

Fish Fermentation Technology is a book that provides geographical information on fermentation of fish. Fermentation is the formation of certain alcohols, acids and gases in the presence of micro-organisms. Usually the sugars are converted into simpler products. Fermentation foods have been used by man since pre-historic times. There are different types of fermentation carried out to form different products. This …

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Food Dehydration – A Dictionary & Guide


Food dehydration – A Dictionary & Guide is an eBook that is a guide to dehydration practice. Food Dehydration is the removal of moisture from the food by using different agents like hot air. Removing moisture enhances the shelf life of food. Food dehydration is a primitive practice for preserving foods. Sun drying and food dehydration has been used by …

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Safety and Quality Issues in Fish Processing

Safety and Qaulity issues in Fish processing

Safety and Quality Issues in Fish Processing are a major concern for food manufacturers.¬†Fish is a major sea food all around the globe. Fish processing has emerged as a large industry in many parts of the world. Reason include the increasing demand of fish in far flung areas and its perishable nature. Fish products are a major export commodity of …

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