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Oxford English Dictionary free Download

Oxford English Dictionary

Oxford English Dictionary is the most prestigious and comprehensive dictionary of English language. It is also among the earliest published dictionaries. Oxford dictionaries of English have a long history. At present Oxford University press publishes dictionaries for many languages. For example, English to Urdu etc. Oxford Dictionaries do not only provide words and their meanings. They have thesaurus, grammar, directory …

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Tabeer ur Roya Khwab ki Tabeer Urdu pdf

Tabeer ur Roya Khwab ki tabeer nama

Tabeer ur Roya is also known as Khwab Nama kabeer. It is authored by Allama Ibn e Sirin (R.A). This book is considered as one of the most comprehensive treatise on dreams and their interpretation. The expression and explanation of dreams has been made according to religious perspective. Ibn e Sirin (R.A) Ibn e Sirin (R.A) is a renowned religious personality …

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SEO Book Urdu free Download

SEO book Urdu pdf

SEO Book Urdu has been compiled and published by Pakistani bloggers. These books in native language make understanding of the SEO concepts really easy. Before reviewing the book there is a brief introduction of SEO. What really SEO is? SEO is the abbreviation of a three word term Search Engine Optimization. SEO process revolves around making the posts of your …

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English Jokes Book – Best Jokes

English Jokes Best Jokes

English Jokes is the collection of best funny English jokes. Book is named best jokes. It is published by RDI Print & Publishing Ltd. Mumbai. It contains a collection of decent and nice English jokes. Best jokes is a booklet consisting of sixteen pages. Apart from jokes, the eBook has sayings of notable personalities. Famous words of people like Margaret Mead, George Bernard Shaw, Al …

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Urdu Dictionary Feroz ul Lughat pdf free Download

urdu dictionary

Urdu evolved as a language in Indo Pak Subcontinent during Muslim rule. It is the national language of Pakistan. A large number of people in India also speak Urdu. Urdu has absorbed words from different languages. It is said that there are about 3 parts of Punjabi in Urdu out of 4. Similarly, it is also said that Punjabi language …

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