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Abu Rehan Al-Beruni – Life History

Al-Beruni Life history

Abu Rehan Al-Beruni is ranked among the greatest Muslim scientists. He like Bu Ali Sina was very learned man. He learnt the art and knowledge that Hindu possessed. Then he wrote them and made the world aware of these arts-men. Al-Beruni is the historian of Hindu culture and civilization. Birth of Al-Beruni There was a town near Khwarzim (Khiwa). It is …

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Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi – History

Sultan Salah-ud-Din Ayubi

By the end of 12th century A.D, some European popes laid the foundation of wars between Christians and the Muslims (Saleebi Jang). Troops of a lot of European Christians were sent to Syria and Palestine. The purpose was to take away Palestine and nearby areas from Muslim control. Also to capture the Bait-ul-Muqadas (Holy Land). In these wars Sultan Salahuddin …

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Imam Allama Fakhruddin Razi (R.A)

Imam Razi

Imam Fakhruddin Razi is very famous in the Muslim world. Reason of fame is that he used philosophy and logic to prove the reality of Islam. Although according to some eminent Ulama, Intuition and belief is the ultimate source of getting religious light. Intellect according to them cannot help to reach the truth. Prominent among those include Imam Ghazali. But …

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Imam Ghazali – A Great Muslim Thinker

Imam Ghazali

Imam Ghazali – a great Muslim thinker. He is included among the most renowned Muslim scholar. He was a teacher and trainer of morality and spirituality. Even the critics from west are admirers of the broad vision and intellect of Ghazali. His book have been translated in all major European languages. Birth and Early life of Ghazali Full name of …

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Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) – The Messenger of Allah

Mosque of The Holy Prophet (PBUH)

(PBUH stands for “Peace Be Upon Him”. S.A.W.W stands for Sallala Ho Alaihay Wa Aaalihi Sallam). To fully write up the life events of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) is not possible in the short context of this post. Similarly to fully explain the status and Calibre of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that Allah Almighty has bestowed upon him is not possible in the …

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