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Chemistry the Central Science 14th edition is a joint effort of writers from different universities. Each author specializes in his/her own field but work as team to review the text. It is a textbook on chemistry with in-depth knowledge. Published by Pearson publishers, the book consists of more than 1200 pages. Chemistry the central science is famous for its scientific accuracy. It contains a bunch of exercises at the end of chapters. It also has learning outcomes and key equations section. Along with that, the presentation of concepts suits the needs of end consumer. The clarity in writing is also cherished by the readers. A brief review of this chemistry book is as under:

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Chemistry the Central Science 14th edition

This edition of the book contains all the formal topic of chemistry is separate chapters. The sequence follows a specific order in which pre requisite concepts are explained first. Every chapter contains a bunch of sample exercises. Addition of integrated media has also been done in the 14th edition. Integrated media includes smart figures and interactive sample exercises.

Chemistry the central science 14th edition pdf Book Cover.

Chemistry the central science sees some major changes in the latest edition. Shuffling of certain concept between chapters occurs. Now, we also have various revised passages. Similarly, there is improvement in the feedback on understanding. There is What’s Ahead banner at the start of each chapter. It gives an overview of learning outcomes and contents of the chapter.

There are 24 chapters in Chemistry the central science 14th edition. Appendices and answers to the exercises follow the chapters. A detailed glossary of common terms in chemistry is also there for the help of students. Students get hand on practice with solving equations containing many variables. Similarly, they become able to design a chemical experiment on their own. There is a special emphasis on organic and inorganic chemistry. Explanation of these becomes possible with the addition of examples throughout the text.

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