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Story Books for Kids Toddlers and Children Online pdf free

Story books for kids are useful in promoting mental growth of children. Toddlers and kids pass through various stages of cognitive development. During these levels of psychological development, they have receptive minds. Story books trigger their thinking ability and make them think in abstract manner. Similarly, the interactive pictures and drawings give enough information in entertaining way. This post shares various popular story books for kids.

Story Books for Kids Online

Uncovering Earth Secrets

It is an excellent story book for kids. A special book designed through a grant from science foundation. This book targets children who are interested in scientific study. It also contains lots of useful knowledge about our earth and oceans. Children will love to read it.

Download this children story book.

Children Story books for Kids

All About Seals

A children story book about seals. It has information about their life and habits. Very effective for children of grade 1 or 2. Creates imaginary thinking ability in the minds of kids. Download book free from here.

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Poor Kitten Book

A story of a little kitten who is away from the mom. The kitten is in need of some help and shelter. This book is targeted towards little children and toddlers. Creates feelings of help and sympathy in young minds of kids. Find story book on kitten from here.

Forests for People

Forests for people is a story book about forests. Children will learn the importance of forests. They will get to know the role that forests play in the lives of people. A message of saving nature is present in this book for kids. The book is actually a publication of the forest department. It creates awareness about preserving our natural resources. Download story book.

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