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Class 4 English Book by Punjab Textbook Board

This post features a review of Class 4 English book by Punjab Textbook board. The book is published under the supervision of Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board, Lahore. Its authors include Mr. Iftikhar Salim and Mrs. Nabila Gull. The editor of the book is Prof. Khalid Mahmood. The authors, editor and reviewers are all notable academicians. Class 4 English book is printed in usual style as other books of the primary level. The cover is of card paper with graphics portraying school going children. Moreover, it leaves a positive effect on the minds of young children and initiates eagerness towards learning in them. The paper quality is fairly good and the binding stature allows the use of book for a considerable period of time.

Critical Analysis of Class 4 English Book.


The book under consideration contains fourteen chapters. Among these chapters, three of them are poems and the rest constitute prose section. The first chapter is about the Seerah of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). This chapter sheds light on the love of the Last messenger of Allah towards children. The next three chapters are named as “New Neighbours”, “The School Trip” and “The Red Bike”. These chapters have social context and are important for the holistic social growth of school going children. Along-with imparting certain skills, the element of interest for children is never neglected.

“My Mother” by Ann Taylor is the first poem that is added in the English Book for 4th Class. Younger students are always attracted towards the rhyming words of poem. Poems have many hidden lessons so students learn the basics of extracting meaningful information from text other than prose. The other two poems added in the book are “The Rooks” and “Who has seen the wind?” written by Jane Euphemia Browne and Christina Rossetti respectively. All the poems are written with pictorial background which facilitates the understanding of main theme and idea.

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The remaining chapters of this book also provide moral lesson and useful vocabulary to the students. The addition of Chapter 7 in particular is commendable. It is about the life history of Rashid Minhas (Nishan-e-Haider). Such lesson arise the feeling of patriotism among school going children. At the same time they learn important historical events. Similarly, the chapter 11 on “Emergency” also holds important in the current national scenario. In the present age of extremism, it is the need of the hour that children knowledge of how to react in emergency situations.

Positive Aspects:

Looking at the technical aspects of this Class 4 English book, we come across many positive aspects. These are also discussed in detail in the following lines. The English language used in the book is simple and easily understandable. Every chapter of the book contains a list of important vocabulary for the students. Therefore, meanings of difficult words are also present at the end of the book in the form of Glossary.

In addition to this, Class 4 English book is activity based. Every lesson starts with a pre-activity. Similarly, “While-Reading activity” and activities at the end of the lessons make student participation compulsory. These activities are helpful for teachers as well as they can easily plan their lessons.

This book is geared towards achieving the students learning outcomes and making the students competent in key learning areas. The post lesson material is divided into various parts, each focusing on a particular skill. So, the reading, writing and speaking skills of children are enhanced.

Improvement Areas:

Keeping in view the several positive points, there is still a room for improvement. An undue emphasis has been given to grammar which hinders the learning potential of young students. Their minds are stuck in formalities of grammar and the basic competencies are not properly achieved.


It can be concluded that the Class 4 English Book by Punjab Curriculum and textbook board is a comprehensive and well written textbook. It covers most of important areas of teaching and learning English. However, it can be further simplified by removing items that impede the grasping of learning concept. Overall, it is highly recommended book for students of class 4.

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