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Desertification in Pakistan and its Control

Desertification in Pakistan has become a major problem to sustainable agriculture and social setup. Pakistan is a country with its greater area comprising of drylands. Arid and semi-arid constitute 80% of its total area. Livelihood of a huge Pakistan population is dependent on drylands. Pakistan is a developing country. It is also it severely by desertification and land degradation. Land management practices problems. These include soil erosion, sedimentation of water courses, desertification, deforestation, loss of biodiversity and others.

Background of Desertification in Pakistan:

Arid area of Pakistan is about 41mha. Among which deserts comprise of 11mha. Main deserts of Pakistan are Cholistan, Thar, Thal and Kharan. The other arid areas are also being turned into deserts and useless lands. This is due to the process of desertification. Desertification is threatening for the future of people of that area. In Pakistan, desertification is leading to the loss of fertility of lands. Loss in billions is being incurred to the economy.

deforestation and desertification in pakistan and climate change

Consequences of climate change by Desertification in Pakistan

  • Desertification process proceeds at a rapid rate. As time progresses rehabilitation costs also rise exponentially.
  • Value genetic resources of a nation are lost due to desertification. Atmospheric dust increases and water cycle is disrupted.
  • Desertification is a continuous process. It empties the potential of land to supply essential nutrients to plants. Economic disaster may happen due to desertification.
  • Planet’s life support system is threatened by desertification. Results are political and social breakdowns and ultimate threat to global security.

Desertification control in Pakistan

Government of Pakistan has initiated many plans and strategies to combat desertification. These include short term and long term policy plans. The private sector organizations , research institutes and local governments are playing a key role in overcoming desertification in Pakistan. Following organizations are working for desertification control in Pakistan.desertification in pakistan

  • PARC – Pakistan Agricultural Research Council.
  • CDA – Cholistan Development Authority.
  • Arid Zone Research Institute.
  • WAPDA – Water and Power Development Authority.
  • Drainage and Reclamation Institute of Pakistan.
  • Agricultural Universities.
  • Reclamation of Salt Affected and Waterlogged Areas.
  • Soil Conservation Departments.
  • Range Development and Sand Dune Stabilization.
  • Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources.
  • Forest Departments.

Complete list of other agricultural institutes in Pakistan can be also be studied over here.


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