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Contemporary Clinical Psychology Plante 3rd Edition pdf

This post reviews Contemporary Clinical Psychology 3rd edition. The eBook is written by Thomas G. Plante. Author of the book has affiliations with Santa Clara University and San Francisco University. Moreover, John Wiley and Sons are the publishers of this book. Contemporary Clinical Psychology as the name indicates unveils the current trends of clinical Psychology. It explains the latest approaches and procedures being followed by Psychologists all over the world to diagnose and cure psychological disorders.

Contemporary Clinical Psychology 3rd edition Review.

There has been a great change in contemporary clinical psychology. This change is due to various factors. These may include the multicultural societies and technological progress. Similarly, changing professional positions also force changes in psychological approach. Contemporary Clinical Psychology 3rd edition caters all these needs of a changing society. In addition to these new strategies, it provides a balanced approach for the diagnose of clinical disorders.

Contemporary Clinical Psychology 3rd edition pdf

This provides a detailed overview of clinical psychology to students. So, it is very useful for students who want to specialize in this field of knowledge. One of the highlighting feature is the addition of case studies. A number of case studies have been added in this book. Thus, the understanding and practical know how becomes readily available. In the same way instructor’s guide and exercise question make the 3rd edition user friendly. In short, this book is very suitable for undergraduate students of psychology.

Another feature of this book is less reliance on traditional approaches. The humanistic, psycho-dynamic and other traditional approaches do not prevail predominantly. Rather, the perspective of contemporary clinical psychologists is highlighted.

Two parts comprise this whole book. First part is about the fundamentals and foundations. It includes the core concepts and clinical psychology. Moreover, historical developments and theoretical models also constitute the first part. Second part of contemporary clinical psychology is about roles and responsibilities. These roles may include administrative, teaching and consultative roles. Light is shed on areas of specialization as well.

Download Contemporary Clinical Psychology 3rd edition from Google Books.

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