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Crisis Intervention Strategies 8th edition pdf download

Crisis Intervention Strategies is a book on crisis management and therapy. Crisis is defined as any unsuitable situation that might cause extreme danger. At the same time it possess a threat to existence and safety. There are many characteristics that are unique to crisis. Crisis intervention strategies 8th edition tries to give practical methods by which we can survive a critical situation. Richard K. James and Burl E. Gilliland are the authors of this book.  It is published by Cengage Learning and comprises of 752 pages in total.

Crisis Intervention Strategies 8th Edition Review

Book comprises of four parts which are further subdivided into many chapters. Given below is a description of content present in all four parts.

Crisis Intervention Strategies 8th edition.

Part One contains the theories, concepts and core skills required for crisis intervention. Chapter 1 features the historical developments in this field of study. Similarly, Chapter 2 of crisis intervention strategies deals with the multicultural considerations that provide crisis intervention. Chapter 3 provides practical shape to this concept. It puts forwards many counseling strategies of crisis intervention. Chapter 4 focuses on case management in crisis intervention. In the same way, chapter 5 deals with the medium of delivery of crisis intervention.

Part two is more on the applied side. Therefore, it allows the users to handle the crisis in a variety of situations including sexual assault, partner violence and post-traumatic stress etc. Separate chapters explain important topics like Crises in schools, addiction and personal loss. Seven chapters comprise this part of the book.

Part Three deals with crisis situation that may arise at workplace. Similarly, important aspects of crisis intervention strategies in various roles and situations of life become a matter of discussion in this part. Thus, these include violent behavior in institutions, hostage negotiation and vicarious traumatization etc.  

Last and fourth part discusses how system operates in large scale disaster situation. Also, it provides true picture and feelings of survivors from those events. Hence, Crisis Intervention Strategies 8th edition is a great book in the field of counseling and education.

Download Crisis Intervention Strategies 8th edition pdf.

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