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Crop Post Harvest: Science and Technology pdf

Post Harvest Technology and crop post harvet is a very important field in Horticulture and Food Science and Technology. It includes all the operations and treatments given to the food commodities after their picking and harvest. A large portion of food in the world is wasted and lost during post harvest. It necessitates the more effective measures for storage of food and crops.

Crop Post Harvest: Science and Technology


The Book “Crop Post-Harvest: Science and Technology” is a series of 3 volumes. It completely encompasses the crop post harvest technology. The first volume is about the Principles and Practice of Crop Post Harvest. It explains the theory of post harvest science. The basic post harvest operations and technologies are discussed in this volume.

Second Volume of the book is about the durables. Durables are those food commodities that have a long shelf life. Their keeping quality is better. This volume includes chapterrs on Rice, Maize, Wheat, Malting Barley, Sorghum, Common Beans, CowPea, Peanuts, Miscellaneous oilseeds, Copra, Coffee, Cocoa, Dried Fruit and Nuts and Cured Fish.

Third Volume of Crop Post Harvest is named as Perishables. Perishables are those foods that have limited shelf life. They have higher moisture content. The storage life is very less as compared to durable food items. The chapters included in this book are on Tomatoes, Bananas, Citrus, Apples, Mango, Pine Apple, Avocado, Grapes, Stone fruit, Soft fruit, Cucubits. Herbs, spices and flavorings are also added in this volume.

So, these three volume of the book Crop Post Harvest: Science and Technology present a complete picture of post harvest technology.

1) Volume 1 Principles and Practice

Pages in Book: 577

Crop Post Harvest pdf free download

2) Volume 2 Durables

Page count: 294

3) Volume 3 Perishables

Book Pages: 498


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