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CSS Past Papers 2014 – With MCQs

This post is written specifically for sharing the CSS past papers 2014. These past papers of CSS are in snapshot form of the original paper. Unluckily the objective or MCQs portion is taken during the exam. But effort has been done to share as many MCQs as possible. CSS examination 2014 was held from 15th February 2014 to 28 February 2014. It is generally held in the month of February every year. Central Superior Services (CSS) is a prestigious exam of Pakistan. In CE-2014 more than twenty five thousand candidates from all over Pakistan applied.  CSS past papers 2014 are given below. Click on the image to see the paper.

CSS Past Papers of Compulsory Subjects


CSS English Essay past paper 2014:

CSS Past PAPERs English Essay


CSS Precis & Composition past paper 2014:

CSS Past PAPERs English Precis and Composition-1

CSS Past PAPERs English Precis and Composition-2

Books regarding English precis & composition can be found here.

CSS Everyday Science past paper 2014:

CSS Past PAPERs everyday science


CSS Current Affairs past paper 2014:

CSS Past Papers Current Affairs

CSS Pakistan Affairs past paper 2014:

CSS Past PAPERS Pakistan Affairs

CSS Islamiat past paper 2014:


CSS Islamiat Past PAPER

CSS Past Papers of Optional Subjects

Indo-Pak History Past Paper 2014:

CSS Indo-PAK History-I Past PAPER

CSS Indo-PAK History-II Past PAPER

Botany past paper:

CSS Botany-I Past PAPER

CSS Botany-II Past PAPER

CSS Forestry past paper 2014:

CSS Forestry Past PAPER

Agriculture past paper 2014:

 CSS Agriculture Past PAPER


Objective Portion:

MCQs of the CSS past papers 2014 can be found at the following links.

You can browse for the CSS past papers of other optional subjects at different forums. Here only those are mentioned which the author studied for CE-2014. Sorry for any in-convenience.



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