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CSS-PMS Books for English Compulsory

Importance of English Language

English is a major barrier to cross in competitive examinations. Especially for students in Pakistan, one has to study hard to get him/herself over the line. Most of the students fail the English subject according to statistics. Essay paper is considered the toughest by the candidates. I personally feel that no subject is tougher. It is the interest towards a subject that makes the subject easy or difficult. English essay is all about practice. For practice a candidate should write a little bit daily. It will improve the writing ability and will make a student familiar to the exam conditions. This post comes with some useful books for the aspirants of provincial management services and central superior services. These CSS-PMS books are chosen by me to share with those that are interested in studying and improving their English skills.

CSS/PMS books for english

Apart from essay, the paper that includes comprehension, grammar, idioms, precis is also quite technical. For this section a candidate must deeply study a good grammar book. I hope that this post will help you find a suitable ebooks. The preparation of PMS/CSS or other competitive exams can be done by them.

CSS-PMS Books for English


CSS-PMS Books for English compulsory are given below.

  • Oxford Dictionary of Idioms
  • Oxford Guide to English
  • Mc. Graw Hill English Grammar
  • Important Vocabulary
  • Dictionary of American Idioms
  • Book of Idioms
  • Essential Idioms in English
  • English Sentence Builder
  • Precis Writing by R. Dhillon
  • Mastering the art of the English Essay

These files can be obtained from the folder given here.

For more information on precis writing, this post can be read. How to write precis.

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