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Drying Fruits and Vegetables made easy

Drying fruits and vegetables is a brief and concise catalog for drying of foods. Specifically fruits and vegetables drying is illustrated. Drying is a preservation technique of immense importance. It has been in practice since pre historic times. Drying removes moisture from foods. As moisture is not available, so activity of microbes is hampered.

Drying of fruits and vegetables is a 32 page booklet. It effectively describes the drying procedures and techniques. There is an introduction to drying included in the eBook. Then different conventional drying methods are listed. The pre treatments before drying fruits and vegetables are followed by drying in a dehydrator. Dehydrators are usually commercial scale equipment. But in the modern age small home level dehydrators are easily found. Dehydration of food in a dehydrator is more controlled.

This book as is intended to teach drying methods on a lower scale and home use. So, more controls of humidity etc are not required. Post drying procedures are also very important in the whole preservation scheme. So, packaging and storage of dried foods is also a topic of this precise eBook. This book includes a brief procedure for making fruit leathers. These are very popular food product now a day. Readers are supplied with separate guidelines for drying different fruits and vegetables. These miniature procedures are presented in a tabulated form. At the end the practical application of the dried fruit and vegetables is given. Recipes from these products can be made. Some recipes are included in the eBook.

So, drying fruits and vegetables is a general and well written instruction guide for preserving surplus food. And also a way to produce value added fruit and vegetable products. The booklet has all the basic information in 423 KB size with 32 pages.

Drying Fruits and Vegetables

drying fruits and vegetables pdf download


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