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Emerging Technologies for Food Processing pdf 2nd Edition

Emerging technologies for food processing is a detailed book on recent advances in food technology. With the passage of time the processing of food is being modified. New methods and procedures are in practice to process food. Research in the field of food processing has been constantly carried out. Easier, efficient and more optimized ways of processing foods are devised. These are the result of increased demand for minimally processed foods. Minimally processed foods retain the quality and taste of foods. From nutritional point of view it is advised to avoid extreme heating of the food. Keeping in view these demands of consumer many food processing techniques have emerged. An overview of the technologies recently developed in this field are given below.

Emerging Technologies for Food Processing pdf

This eBook contains almost a complete set of these emerging technologies. It is authored by by Da-Wen Sun. First edition of the book is under consideration. The book is divided into parts comprising of chapters.

Part 1 is about high pressure processing (HPP). This part gives an introduction to HPP and then employs HPP for salads and ready meals. Microbial aspect of high pressure processing is also a chapter in this part.

Part 2 is related to another advancement. It is about Pulsed Electric Field processing of foods (PEF) . Overview of PEF along with its application in beverages constitutes starting chapters of this part. Then the effects of Pulsed electric field processing on food quality are explained. Similarly the enzymatic effects and safety of Pulsed electric field processing is also discussed in detail. Emerging technologies for food processing is an eBook that deals the latest advancement in practical terms. A complete picture of individual latest food processing technique is provided to the reader.

There is separate Part 3 for other non thermal processing techniques. In this part a individual chapter is allocated to each emerging technique. These include the following emerging technologies for food processing.

  • Osmotic dehydration
  • Athermal membrane processing
  • High intensity Pulsed light technology
  • Non thermal processing by radio frequency electric fields
  • Use of ultrasound in food processing
  • Irradiation
  • New chemical and biochemical hurdles in food processing and preservation

Then the book contains another set of new advanced in food science. This is alternative thermal processing and it constitutes the part 4. These heating methods are different from the conventional heating.  The radio frequency processing and microwave heating are also an example. An interesting form of thermal processing is the ohmic combined microwave vacuum drying. Similarly other hybrid techniques also fall under this category. On the other side of heating, there are latest advancements in freezing of foods. There is a mention of different freezing procedures in this eBook.  Freezing techniques represent part 5. Last part is related to minimal processing. Minimal processing of vegetables and ready to eat foods is mentioned in detail. The modified atmosphere packaging technology for minimally processed foods is another technique used now days.

Emerging technologies for food processing pdf

So, reading this eBook will enable students and food technologists to alter the food processing methods at their ease. Download Emerging Technologies for Food Processing 2nd Edition pdf from here.

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