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Encapsulated and Powdered Foods

Encapsulated and Powdered Foods eBook is all about powdered food. It is edited by Charles Onwulata. eBook is divided into five main parts. All parts are written to cover various aspects of powdered food. Food powder properties are packed with its role in food and also the mixtures that it forms. Both physical and chemical properties are addressed.

Major part of this eBook is dedicated towards the processing of food powders. Different types of processing techniques are mentioned in Encapsulated and Powdered Foods. Rotary drum processing being the most popular is discussed in detail. Apart from emphasis on powdered food, encapsulation is also elaborated. The different types of food coatings make the food attractive. These coatings and encapsulations may be in form of dry coating or Fluid-bed coating. Separate chapters are present in the book for analysis of both types. Powdered foods are a unique food item. They need proper handling and analysis. Powder size, food powder flowability, blending, segregation etc are important aspects of powdered foods. All these topics are comprehensively described by the author.

Some popular food powders come in the form of cocoa, milk powders, salts and sugars. Their ingredient are given in the book. Last part of the eBook contains information about more complex powdered foods. These are the encapsulated food powders. Their examples include the following food powders.

  • Spray Dried Micro encapsulated Fat Powders
  • Sugar and starch encapsulated milk fat powders
  • Butter oil powders that may be Single or double encapsulated

Hence, a wide range of areas in food powder technology are covered in the book. Twenty chapters contain quite enough information on powdered food. Encapsulated and Powdered Foods is available for download. The eBook size of this book is 14.6 MB. Total number of pages are 501.

Many other foods on the recent developments in processing foods are written. These have given overview of methods currently in practice and under research.

eBook Title: Encapsulated and Powdered Foods

Editor: Charles Onwulata

Encapsulated and Powdered Foods pdf


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