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Environmental Science A Global Concern 14th Edition pdf

Environmental science a global concern is a well renowned book. This book presents environmental science in a non-technical way. So, it makes the books easily understandable by people of different backgrounds. As the name indicates, environmental science really is a global concern. Climate and environment change is threatening the biodiversity. We are also facing the menace of global warming and adequate information about our environment is required. Environmental science a global concern 14th edition hence provides the readers with all these features.

Environmental Science A Global Concern 14th edition- Review.

The book under review is written by William P Cunningham & Mary Ann Cunningham. It has many edition as of now. The latest being 13th edition in 2014 and 14th in 2017 published by Mc Graw Hill company. Both Co Authors are famous scientists and academicians. They have gathered their precious thoughts and experience in the book.

Environmental Science A Global Concern 14th edition pdf download.

The book starts with the introduction about environment. It introduces the field of environmental science to the reader. It also presents brief history and importance of conservation. Moreover, initial chapters have the concept of sustainable development. As the book is general in nature, it explains the basic concepts of matter and energy. This understanding is also crucial to the conservation of natural resources.

Then there are few chapters on ecology and demographics. These aspects also have a deep impact on environment. This is followed by chapters on food security and farming. There is also discussion about different farming styles and agricultural practices. Data included on biodiversity focuses on the conservation of species and natural resources.

Environmental science a global concern also gives enough information on pollution. Book authors address pollution in its various forms. Moreover, two chapters on conventional and sustainable energy present a picture of our energy needs. The growing needs of energy will have to be fulfilled by alternative sources. Solid waste management is another important aspect of conserving our environment.

In short, Environmental science a global concern is a very informative book. Similarly, it presents topics of great importance to the reader in simple style.

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