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Essentials of Food Sanitation

Sanitation is the state of being conductive to health and be clean. Food sanitation is adopting all the sanitation principles for food items. Making the food free of germs and sanitizing it. Food sanitation has got importance due to increased awareness about food borne illnesses. 80% of the health disorders are related to food. Water among food is the major agent being polluted. Now days food safety and food sanitation go hand to hand. It adds to the consumer confidence and firm profitability.

This post is a review of book “Essentials of Food Sanitation”. It starts with the introduction of sanitation. Then the microorganisms and the sources of food sanitation are also discussed. Personal hygiene in the food handling is also important in food production. The practices of personal hygiene make a part of this book. Essentials of Food Sanitation effectively deals with cleaning of compounds. It also includes handling and storing cleaning compounds. Heat, radiation and chemicals are the three sanitizing methods explained. Quality assurance and HACCP ensure food sanitation. The incorporation of food sanitation practices in these food safety approaches is also discussed by the author.

Essentials of Food Sanitation elaborates the sanitation of individual food groups. It has separate chapters for dairy processing, meat and poultry, sea foods,  fruit and vegetable processing and beverage sanitation. How to handle apply and manage food sanitation in food service establishments? The answer to this particular question is given in the last chapter of this eBook. Essentials of Food Sanitation in short presents a complete picture of producing safe and wholesome food. By wholesome we mean the food that is healthy, nutritious and free of hazards. Food sanitation book has 359 pages constituting 18 MB size.

Essentials of Food Sanitation

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