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Everyday science Notes for CSS

Introduction to Everyday Science / General Knowledge Paper

In Central Superior Services (CSS) examination, there a subject of 100 marks named as Everyday Science. It is also General Knowledge Paper 1 (GK-1). This is an high scoring subject. Candidates having scientific backgrounds can score in 80’s with medium to strong preparation. Others can also achieve higher marks with a little hard work. In Provincial Management Services (PMS) there is no subject named Every Science or GK-1. Instead there is a paper of 100 marks named “General Knowledge”. It includes questions related to everyday science as well.

Everyday science Notes
This post is designed to supply the candidates with notes of Everyday Science/General Knowledge. These notes are totally too the point and mostly comprise of solved past paper. A person preparing these notes thoroughly can score more than 70 in everyday science and can easily cover the science section of PMS General Knowledge paper. General Knowledge – Everyday science Notes are available for download below.

General Knowledge – Everyday science Notes


  • 1) General Knowledge-Everyday Science: This file contains abbreviations, units, scientific inventions with inventors names, statements from past papers and 100 scientific reasons.
  • 2) Muslim Scientist & Their Contribution: In Everyday science paper of CSS, there is a little proportion of questions related to Muslim Scientists. So, this file covers almost all the Muslim Scientists of early scientific age. Try sticking to some popular Muslim Scientists. Otherwise there are chances that a candidate may mix the history of scientists together.
  • 3) Everyday Science Lectures: For theory section of every science paper, these presentations on different topics will prove extremely useful. Download
  • 4) For other links about general knowledge. Go to this page.

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