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Extruders in Food Applications pdf

“Extruders in food applications” is an eBook written by Mian N. Riaz. He is a Pakistani author. This book is unique in its own. It not only explains the extrusion process but also elaborates the working of extruders. Extruders are the machines that process the food by working in the principle of extrusion. The resulted product is called extruded food. Extrusion produces a wide variety of food items. It is extensively used now days because of the benefits it offers. Extrusion sometimes called extrusion cooking is necessary for the production of some processed foods. Extruders in food applications highlights the structure of both types of extruders. Single screw extruders and double screw extruders both are explained in separate chapters. This eBook also contains the theory of extrusion process. It has information on the effects of extrusion on food components. A food industry preparing extruded foods needs extruders to be installed. The selection, types, working and processing done by the extruders must have been understood. Practical consideration in extrusion processing and extruders in the food industry are also topic of the eBook. This book extruders in food applications is hence a gift for the plant manager. Students can also read this book to get themselves aware of the extrusion process. Extruders in food applications is a must read due to the increased use of extrusion in food industry. The pdf version of book is of 12.7 MB covering 242 pages.

eBook Title: Extruders in Food Applications

Extruders in Food Applications pdf free download


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