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Extrusion Cooking Technologies and Applications

Extrusion Cooking Technologies and Applications is an eBook on extrusion technology. It is edited by Robin Guy. As the name indicates, this book has some technologies and applications. Extrusion is actually divided into two categories. The one with processing temperature above 100°C is called extrusion cooking. Part one of eBook deals with general influences of extrusion cooking on the quality of food.  First of all the raw materials for extrusion cooking need to be of good quality. Then the extruder must be of right type and specification. A complete eBook on extruders used in food industries can be read in this post.

Extruders in Food Applications

Thermal processing and heat transfer in extrusion is also discussed in detail. Extrusion Cooking Technologies and Applications emphasizes on quality aspects. All the effects of extrusion cooking on food quality are explained.

Extrusion Cooking Technologies and Applications

Part two of the book is about specialized extruded products. There is a category of different specific food products in it. Separate chapters on individual products is in the book. For examples products like breakfast cereals, snack foods and baby foods are explained. Their introduction, processing, types of food items, future trends etc are given with every food group. Extrusion Cooking Technologies and Applications hence is a concise book. In about two hundred pages it gives an overview of extrusion cooking. The technology adopted and applications are also dealt with effectively.

Extrusion Cooking Technologies and Applications pdf

The book under consideration is the first edition. eBook version contains twelve megabytes of data. This very data is extended over 217 pages.

Extrusion Cooking Technologies and Applications pdf free

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