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Fats in Food Technology by Rajah

Book Title: Fats in Food Technology


Fats are a major component of foods and provide the required energy for living organisms. They also enhance the mouth feel of the food product and contribute to satiety. Apart from that, there are several benefits and uses of fats in nature. This is an ebook review of “Fats in food technology”. This book is written by Kanes K. Rajah. Fats in food technology is a useful book for readers in the field of fat and oil technology. It concentrates on different forms of fats that are processed into foods. Milk fats, emulsifiers and stabilizers, spreadable products are an example. Then many of the fat processing operation being carried out in food industries are also explained in this book. For product development and quality control these operations have to be fully understood. So, fats in food technology in a comprehensive book dealing with all the aspects of fats and oil component in food.

Book cover, fats in food technology

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