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Understanding Psychology 12th Edition pdf Feldman

Understanding Psychology 12th Edition is a top selling book on psychology. Book is written by a well known academician Robert S Feldman. Author has its affiliation with University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Feldman has also written another famous book on psychology with the name “Essentials of Understanding Psychology”. These books were first published decades ago. 12th edition of both the books are also in market for some years now. This book is also a complete package. It means that it addresses most of the aspects of Psychology. This is what we get from refinement of many editions. Given below is a review of material addressed in Understanding Psychology.

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Understanding Psychology 12th Edition.

Essentials of Understanding Psychology 12th edition pdf Feldman

What we get in the 12th edition is a 17 chapter book of almost 800 pages. However, the pattern of chapters followed by R. S. Feldman is common in many other books on Psychology. What is different in the pattern is that it has modules. Each chapter on a field of psychology has 3 modules or segments.

Book starts with introduction of Psychology as field of science. Introductory chapter discusses various branches of Psychology and its emergence as a body of knowledge. Then, there is a listing of the methods used by psychologists in psychological research. Similarly, there are two consecutive chapters on biological basis of behavior. These include chapters on brain & nervous system and then on sensation & perception. These are also the core of behavior and their thorough understanding is very much essential.

Understanding Psychology 12th edition addresses basic concepts pf psychology in detail. It contains information on learning, memory and intelligence. One dedicated chapter summarizes developmental psychology. It also follows the data on personality development and characteristics. Moreover, about 3 consecutive chapters discuss the study of health related problems. Topics of stress, coping and disorders make a part of this.

Psychological disorders come in the text with special emphasis on their treatment. Similarly, the treatment of psychological disorders includes all current therapies in practice. There is also a special emphasis on social psychology as it holds a key in modern day world. It helps in understanding psychology of people in present world setting.

Finally, every module in Understanding Psychology 12th edition ends with a recap. The definitions and key terms like other international books are also separately defined. This book is short is a comprehensive handbook of psychology.

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