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Food Biotechnology Book Review

Food Biotechnology is the manipulation of micro-organisms and biological processes in foods for industrial applications and for use of mankind. This post reviews an eBook named food biotechnology.

It is a very comprehensive book. Food biotechnology eBook contains about three sections and about seventy chapters. The first chapter of food microbiology highlights the microbiological aspect in food. It also includes the principles of biochemistry and molecular biology. Then a sketch of fermentation technology is given. For microbiological production of food ingredients certain technologies are used. These technologies also make apart of food biotechnology book. The microbiology of dairy products and wine culture is also explained.

Food biotechnology contains a wide variety of topics included in food science and technology. These topics also include the microbial aspects of flavor production and oil and fat production. Even the food applications of algae are added in the first section this book. Second section of food biotechnology is about the animal and plant applications. It also includes the functional foods. In this section the animal and plant based products are explained. Like starch, soybean proteins, plant oils etc. Last section of food biotechnology is about the latest advancements in food technology. The aspect of food safety and its importance is also given due importance. Bio-film production, bacteriocins, bio-sensors for food quality assessment and applications of ELISA are a part of the third section of this eBook.

In short, Food biotechnology is a book that covers many dimensions of food science. Latest advancements and traditional topics make a blend in this eBook. Encyclopedic information in the field of food science and technology can be obtained by reading this book. The second edition has 1903 pages. Size is medium (29.2 MB).

Food Biotechnology pdf Book

Editors: Kalidas Shetty, Gopinadhan Paliyath, Antony Pometto & Robert E. Levin

Food Biotechnology

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