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Food Dehydration – A Dictionary & Guide

Food dehydration – A Dictionary & Guide is an eBook that is a guide to dehydration practice. Food Dehydration is the removal of moisture from the food by using different agents like hot air. Removing moisture enhances the shelf life of food. Food dehydration is a primitive practice for preserving foods. Sun drying and food dehydration has been used by man since long.

Review of the Book:

This eBook “Food dehydration – A Dictionary & Guide” explains different terms that are used in the dehydration of food. Information in the book is presented in encyclopedic manner. Book is comprised of four parts. These are listed as below.

  • Historical Background and General Principles
  • Dictionary of Food Dehydration
  • A Guide to Dehydrated Food
  • The last part is of bibliography and references

First part of the book present theoretical knowledge about dehydration of food. It includes the basic principles on which the dehydration proceeds. In the second part alphabetical information is presented on terms used in food dehydration. Third part has food and fruits listed in alphabetical order. Every food and fruit has a short method of its dehydration. So, this part is guide to food dehydration of a variety of foods.

So, Food Dehydration – A Dictionary & Guide is a short eBook that present basic knowledge about dehydration of foods. It can be read for understanding the basic of this food preserving technology.

Food Dehydration – A Dictionary & Guide




Drying food products especially fruits and vegetables is a very profitable business. As dried products last longer and have value addition. Simple methods apart from dehydration in dehydrators can be employed to dry fruits and veges. A example is solar drier which is economical. Home scale dehydrators now days are also quite cheap.

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