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Food Emulsions Fourth Revised Edition

Food emulsions are common in many food systems. Stability of many complex foods depends upon the emulsion formation. Butter, milk, mayonnaise etc are the examples. These contains either water in oil or oil in water food emulsions. Emulsions are made by the help of emulsifiers. Emulsifiers are the substances that keep water and oil ends of the foods together. It results in the formation of a stable interaction between unlike food components. Apart from making structures in some foods, emulsions contribute to mouth-feel. Study of food emulsions is indeed quite complex.

Food Emulsions Fourth Edition

This post reviews an eBook named food emulsions. It is edited by Stig E. Friberg, Kare Larsson & Johan Sjoblom. Fourth edition of this book contains fifteen chapters. The chemical and physical properties of food emulsions make the first chapters. Similarly the properties of food emulsifiers is also discussed side by side. It also includes the general aspects of emulsions and the emulsions and lipid functionality. The study of emulsions in foods is quite complex. These complicated topics are smoothly presented in the book under consideration. Beverages emulsions, dressings and sauces etc are covered in full fledged chapters. This explains the depth and complexity of topics included in food emulsions. Beverage emulsions can be categorized into two types. These are flavor beverage emulsions and beverage cloud emulsions. A concept of double and multiple emulsions have emerged. These are actually emulsions within emulsions. They are also called as emulsions of emulsions. For example, water in oil in water or vice versa. The developments in the field of double emulsions are described in chapter 10 of the book. The latest equipment are used in the study of food emulsions now a days. Low intensity ultra sound and NMR are examples. Final part of the book covers the analytical techniques.

So, food emulsion is among the few food books written on the very topic. It contains complex mathematical equations and derivation. Experts in food production and food science will be able to get real benefit from this book.

Food Emulsions book

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