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Food Microbiology Books Review

Microbiology is the study of microbes or micro-organisms in a system. Food microbiology hence includes the study of micro-organisms in food. Micro-flora is ubiquitous. Food itself contains a variety of micro-organisms. Most of them are harmful for human beings. Majority of the food spoilage are carried out by micro-organisms. They also start and accelerate the rotting processes. About 25-40 % of the food is lost worldwide. This lost in the quality may be in the post harvest handling or during food production.

But Micro-orgnisms are useful as well. All types of fermentation are carried out by micro-organisms. Leavened breads, vinegar, alcohols, yogurt, pickle etc are made through the work of useful micro-organisms. All of this information and widespread effects of micro-organisms on food necessitates their study. So, food microbiology has emerged as an important field of study. Food technologists are manufacturers need in depth knowledge of food micro-organisms. Food microbiology is a vast field. This post contains information and download links of some very useful books on food microbiology. Three eBooks on this topic are given. These include the following books.

Practical Food Microbiology

Edition: 3rd
Editors: Diane Roberts & Melody Greenwood

Practical Food Microbiology pdf book free download

Food Microbiology Laboratory

Author: Lynne McLandsborough

 Food Microbiology Laboratory pdf book free download

Modern Food Microbiology

Edition: 6th
Editor: James M. Jay

Modern Food Microbiology pdf book free download


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