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Food Plant Design and Layout

Food plant design is an eBook by Taylor and Francis group. It was published in 2005. Food industries need a careful planning at the time of establishment. Food commodities are injested, so they need to be hygienic. Any flaw or construction error in a food industry can cause serious consequences in the future.

Food plant design explains the layout design of a food industry. eBook starts with the economic aspects of food plant design. The transfer phenomena and property balance is explained in the book. All the factors like viscosity, heat transfer etc are taken into consideration. Now a days food industries are automated. So, food plant simulation is also described in this book. For certification and for meeting certain legal standards design of a food plant must be appropriate. A chapter in the book is dedicated to the documentation of food plant design. Before applying the whole design scheme in food industry, it is tested on a small scale. The pilot scale run and its requirements are elaborated by the authors. Food plant design also has a review on the construction material used in food industry. Its characteristics are explained.

Lastly the considerations for a food processing plant design are also added. These considerations include the selection of site, legal aspects, hygienic designs etc. Food plant design hence is a technical book for food engineers to design and construct a food industry. 20 MB file size of the file contains 387 pages.

Food Plant Design

Authors: Antonio Lopez-Gomez & Gustavo V. Barbosa-Canovas

Food plant design and layout

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