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Food Product Development pdf Review

Food product development is an art as well as a science. Food processing industries have an NPD department. NPD stands for New Product Development. The task of this department is new Food product development. Researchers, food technologists, microbiologists work together to formulate new foods. The development of new food is necessary to keep the customer interested in the products of a company. So, NPD has been an integral component of the overall success of a food industry. Multi National companies pay due attention towards new food development. NPD has interaction with the sales and production department. It is tailored towards the needs of the ultimate and end user.

Food product development – Review

This post reviews a very useful book in this context. eBook is named “Food product development”. The book is named on the process it teaches. This book is among the “Woodhead’s food science, technology and nutrition list”. Many other books of this list are also reviewed in the category of Food Science & Technology books. Food Product development contains three parts. Part one is related to introduction. It enlists the key to the success and failure of new products. The traits for a good new product development are given in the introduction. Second part has a step by step approach for NPD. The process of New Food product development is explained under suitable headings. Knowledge base and the consumers are addressed in this approach of NPD. Last part of the eBook gives information about post production steps. It includes the management of the developed product. Improvement are necessary part of new product development. The improving strategy is also discussed in the book.

So, Food product development is a book targeted towards innovation in foods. It teaches the strategies, processes and management in the course of this innovation. Food professionals will find it a gift as it has the techniques of food modification. As the competition among different brands increases day by day. This necessitates making a better and advanced product as compared to the competitor. Reverse engineering of competitor’s product and getting novel ideas all contribute to development of a new food product. Another same contribution to the field of food processing is Emerging technologies in Food Processing.

This is the first edition of food product development. The editors of the book include Mary Earle, Richard Earle and Allan Anderson.

Food product development


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