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Food Quality Assurance Books

Importance of Food Quality Assurance

Food Quality assurance and quality management play a key role in the success of food industries. Their importance can never be denied. All the quality management systems ensure total quality of food. The application in a food industry is a must. ISO 9000:2000, ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2008 all ensure quality if implemented properly. These standards must have been thoroughly studied before successful implementation. Food technologists working in food industries should have in-depth knowledge of Food Quality assurance. The concept of total quality assurance has also emerged. There are books written on the topic of Quality Assurance and total quality assurance in the food industry. This post is specifically written to highlight the importance of Food Quality assurance and Food quality management.

Food QA Books

Following food quality assurance books are are available.

1) Book name: Quality Assurance for the food industry – A Practical Approach

Author: J. Andres Vasconcellos

Food quality assurance for the food industry

2) Book Title: Food Quality Assurance Principles and Practices

Author: Inteaz Alli

Food Quality Assurance Principles and Practices download

3) Book name: Quality Management Essentials

Author: David Hoyle

Page count: 223

Quality Management Essentials download


These are very popular and demanded books for quality management of food.

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