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Food Science Books – Introductory

Food Science Books free download is a post about review and share of introductory food science books. Many eBooks have been reviewed in the category of food science and technology.

Food Science Books

1) The first book is named “food science”. The book is written by Indian authors. It is not a technical book. Rather it explains the basic term and concepts of food science and technology. This book can be used as textbook for higher school and college students. Initial chapters of the book are about the nature of food study. Food preservation, food microbiology, food poisoning and other similar terms are defined.

A basic food chemistry makes the second chapter of this book. As we know that nutrients are obtained from the food. So, these nutrients are also discussed by the authors. Nutrition is also touched in this food science book. Basic food groups and nutrient contribution are added. Food processing and preservation is a main field of food and nutrition. Major preparation and processing techniques are hence covered. Like many food science and nutrition books separate chapters are dedicated to all important nutrients. Similarly there are separate chapters for major food groups like beverages, vegetables, fruits, spices etc.

Final chapters of food science book present a picture of food sanitation. Food safety and quality standards are discussed but just for introduction. Overall this book is very useful for new entrants in the field of food technology. But food scientists can consult it for reference. Size of pdf file is 4 MB. 2nd edition has 245 pages.

 Food Science

Authors: Sumati R. Mudambi, Shalini M. Rao & M.V. Rajagopal

Edition: 2nd

food science books

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2) The second book is also named as “Food Science”. It is written by western authors. The book is normally known as Food science by Potter and Hotchckiss. Unlike the above mentioned book, this is an elaborated book. It tackles some advanced and complex topics of food science. But still can be used as an introductory book. Unit operation in food processing, quality factors and control are covered in this book. Techniques employed for the preservation of food are discussed in detail. 624 pages are contained in 34 MB eBook.

Food Science by Potter and Hotchkiss

Authors: Norman N. Potter & Joseph H. Hotchkiss

Edition: fifth

food science by potter


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