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Elements of Food Technology Book pdf

Food technology has emerged as a major field of science and technology. It is actually the application of food science knowledge for the preservation of food. Food Technology has helped to prolong the shelf life of foods.

Food technology books are not very common. Most of the books are written on the food science. Some containing knowledge of food science and technology.

Elements of Food Technology Book has all the basic information and introduction of food technology. It is a comprehensive book. The book contains 24 chapters in total. Apart from the first introductory chapter, all others are specified. The different fields of food technology are explained in the book. This food technology book elaborates almost all the divisions of food technology. Meat technology, dairy technology, beverage technology, cereal technology, nutrient technology, baking technology etc are assigned separate chapters. Food sugar technology and food fat and oil technology also make a part of this eBook.

Elements of Food Technology discusses the processing operations of various products. The products that may fall into individual division of food technology. Unlike others food technology books, the pictures are not many. Most of the data is presented in written form. But care has been done to present the theme effectively. So, Elements of Food Technology is an introductory book among food technology books. It is quite an old book but still can provide pet data about food technology.

Elements of Food Technology Book

Author: Norman W. Desrosier

Page Count: 738

Food technology books

eBook can be shared on request.

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