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Forensic Science Fundamentals and Investigations 2nd Edition pdf

Forensic Science Fundamentals and Investigations is an excellent book on forensics. Anthony J Bertino and PN Bertino are the book authors. South Western Cengage learning is the book publisher. This book is interesting and easy to understand. It provides the basics of forensic science. It also introduces the students with the investigation techniques. Forensic Science Fundamentals and Investigations 2nd Edition is a handy book for crime studies. This book has a unique style and is more practical in nature. Moreover, it offers the study of forensic studies from all its aspects.

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Forensic Science Fundamentals and Investigations 2nd Edition

There are 17 chapters in the book and comprise of investigation skills in different fields of crime study. Initial chapters are introductory. First chapter highlights the importance of observation in forensic study and presents the golden principles for forensic scientists. Similarly, second chapter also teaches the skills for crime investigation. It tells the scientists how to properly and safely gather evidences from crime scene.

Then, there are separate study areas in individual chapters. For example, there is a chapter on study of hair. It describes all the aspects of hair study. How hair evidence can be used to trace criminals? What is the importance of analyzing hair? Forensic Science Fundamentals and Investigations answers these.

Moving on, author has also mentioned the investigations that can be done through fibers. Textiles comprise of different fibers and have a great role in collecting evidences. Same is the case with spores and pollens. The examination of spores also requires skill and technique. Forensic science book imparts these skills in readers.

Forensic science fundamentals and investigations download.

DNA finger printing has brought revolutions in forensic science. The study of finger prints and their collection is crucial. There is special emphasis on finger print analysis in the book. Activities are also there to enable readers have a grasp over the topic. Moreover, DNA finger printing sees an in depth explanation.

Forensic Science Fundamentals and Investigations has much more. It teaches investigations of soil, fingerprinting and glass. Special chapters on forensic anthropology and death study are also treat to read.

Furthermore, review questions and MCQs are given at the end of each chapter. So, this book is critical and provokes mind usage.

Read Forensic Science Fundamentals and Investigations latest edition here.

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