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Gardner’s Art Through the Ages 15th edition pdf

This a sister book of Gardner’s Art Through the Ages: A global history. The western perspective of Gardner’s Art Through the Ages comprises of two volumes. These two volumes are brief in scope. Moreover, they concentrate on western art development. Fred S Kleiner’s this book revolves mostly around medieval Europe. Art of medieval Rome and Greece is famous in this regard. Gardner’s Art Through the Ages The Western Perspective 15th edition publishes in 2016. It also shares most of the features of Global history book.

Gardner’s Art Through the Ages 15th Edition

There are 26 chapters in the book. Chapters upto late medieval Italy are present in the first volume. Second volume revolves mostly around Northern Europe and America. As these were the areas where development of art came later. Many changes have also been done in the latest edition. Chapter wise list of changes is available in the book.

Gardner's Art Through the Ages 15th edition pdf - The Western Perspective

Gardner’s Art Through the Ages 15th edition adopts a regional approach. I comparison with its sister book it focuses on art in west. So, for students of western art it is a great reference book. Also readers of history can get benefit from this text.

From academic point of view, resources are available for students and instructors. For students there are two services. Mindtap helps in achieving greater understanding. Similarly, flashcard app is also a great tool for students. On the other hand, Mindtap is also there for instructors in addition to digital library. This is the book which gets frequent updates in the edition. Thanks to the latest published literature and discoveries.

Download / Read Gardner’s Art Through the Ages The Western Perspective from here.

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