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HACCP in the Meat Industry

HACCP is the acronym of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. HACCP has got immense importance in the food industry. HACCP in the Meat Industry has also got significance. HACCP approach minimizes losses and ensures higher product quality.

The book starts with the introduction of HACCP. Then its importance and regulatory status in the European Union and USA is highlighted. Before implementing the HACCP plan in the meat plant its use in primary production and farm production is important. Separate processing steps for poultry and red meat is given in the eBook. Then the book contains a microbiological hazard identification program in the meat industry. Rest of the book contains implementation of HACCP and its other post steps.

HACCP in the Meat Industry is important because of the increasing population and more demand for meat products. Wastage is highly minimized by HACCP approach. This eBook in short provides a track for implementing the HACCP food safety program for a meat industry. It also explains its auditing and monitoring procedures. Small file size of 2.3 MB has 332 pages.

HACCP in the Meat Industry

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HACCP in the Meat Industry pdf free

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Handbook of Meat Product Technology

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