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Handbook of Meat Product Technology pdf

Handbook of Meat Product Technology is written by M.D Ranken. It consists of two parts. First part comprises of principles. Second part comprises of applications. This handbook has principles of manufacturing meat. It includes head meat, lean meat, connective tissues etc. Handbook of Meat Product Technology then comprises of processing steps for meat. This processing includes steps like fat retention, moisture retention and meat binding.

Curing is a treatment used for ages in preserving meat. A complete chapter has been dedicated to curing in this eBook. Meat has its attraction due to color and flavor. The dimension of color and flavor are explained in Handbook of Meat Product Technology. Meat is a highly perishable commodity. The microbes can thrive in ample moisture present in meat. These cause reduction in shelf life and also food poisoning. The microflora need to be controlled in order to have a good processed product.

The microbiology aspect has also been dealt with effectively by the author. Principles of cooking, chilling and freezing meat are also presented in this very eBook. Then comes the application of the principles of meat product technology. Applications include the types of meat products produced. Handbook of Meat Product Technology has categorized these products into various broader group. First comes the Comminuted Meat Products which may include sausages, burgers, meat rolls etc. Cured meat forms another category. It starts with the process of curing followed by cured products. Another group is of miscellaneous meat products having meat pies. So, Handbook of Meat Product Technology is a short and to the point book. It explains the the basics of meat product development. Illustrations and diagrams are missing in this black and white print eBook. Size of the file is 9.8 MB with 245 pages in total.

Handbook of Meat Product Technology

Edition: 1st

Handbook of Meat Product Technology pdf free download


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