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HEC Degree Attestation Procedure

HEC Degree Attestation is required for the students that have obtained their tertiary education from Pakistan. HEC stands for Higher Education Commission. Details about the institution have already been given in education system of Pakistan. Here the procedure of attesting degree and transcripts has been elaborated for the help of students.

HEC degree attestation services have been offered at the Head office (Islamabad). Apart from that regional offices in Lahore, Peshawar and Karachi also offer the service. It is to be remembered that HEC only attests degrees obtained from universities. For certificates of Matric and F.Sc, IBCC offers these services. So, for degrees above intermediate HEC does the task of degree attestation. Below information is for those who want to get degree attested by themselves from offices. For courier method visit website of Higher education commission.

HEC degree attestation process

Steps in HEC degree attestation

HEC degree attestation can be divided into the following steps. Given below is detailed procedure of attesting degrees from Higher education commission.

Step 1: Online form filling

This is the first step in getting degrees attested from HEC. It can be done at both home and in HEC office. If you want to get your degrees to be attested through courier service then it must be done at home. Simply go to website of higher education commission. From there go to DAS section. Here you can create a new account or use an existing account to login. Upon login you will fill an online form that will contain all your personal and academic data.

In this section some points must be considered. Beware to choose the right number of transcripts to be attested. If you want only one degree to be attested with one mark sheet then total becomes 2. If you find this part difficult. Leave this portion and fill other details. Upon reaching HEC office you will be guided to fill the form.

Step 2: Reaching HEC office

This has been made a step as one should try to reach there as early as possible. May be between 7 to 8 am. There are limited number of tokens that are allocated. Reaching in time will ensure that you get the token. Upon receiving token one has to wait for his/her turn. 10 to 20 applicants are called and sent to computer lab where they fill the online form. If it is already filled at home then time is saved and you just take print out there and get a earlier token number.

Step 3: Attachment of related documents, checking and Fee depositDegree attestation fees

Upon receiving the online printed form, required documents are to be attached with. These include NIC copies, educational documents in original. When the applicant is called at one of the windows, these documents (original ones) are checked whether true copies are attached or not. Once getting approval, the applicant is asked to deposit the fees. Fees are taken per leaf. HEC degree attestation charges 800 Rs. per page. It means that if a transcript consists of 4 pages then 3200 Rs. are to be deposited. If there is single page degree then only 800 Rs. For attestation of photocopies 500 Rs. are charged per copy.

Step 4: Submission of Documents for attestation

In this step the original degree to be attested is submitted on a window. They give 3 to 4 hours times for attesting degrees. When the time reaches attested documents can be taken.

If you want HEC degree attestation through courier then follow the procedure given at their website.

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