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Heer Waris Shah Punjabi Poetry Story pdf download

Heer Waris Shah is poetic collection of a folk tale written by Waris Shah (R.A). The folk tale is about a love story of Heer and Ranjha. But Heer Waris Shah should not be taken as love story because Waris Shah’s poetry has added an Islamic tint to this tale. It has emerged as a poetry collection with Islamic teachings. This story poetry also contains the Hamd and praise of Allah Almighty. Poet has talked about many religious personalities in his book. Waris Shah (R.A) himself said that these are the meanings of Holy Quran which he has written in verses.

Tale of Heer Ranjha in Historic Perspective

Dasten-e-Heer Ranjha or the tale of Heer and Ranjha has a long history. It has been written by many writers in different forms. Most of writers have expressed the whole folk tale in poetry. Some of the poets and writers who have written Heer Ranjha tale/story are given below.

  • Damudar who wrote Heer Ranjha in the reign of Bahlol Lodhi (15th century A.D).
  • Ahmad Kawi Gujjar wrote Heer Ranjha story in 1692 A.D.
  • Chiragh Deen Awan wrote Heer in 1709 A.D.
  • Hafiz Maqbal completed this task in 1747 A.D.
  • Waris Shah wrote this masterpiece in 1766 A.D.

After Syed Waris Shah (R.A) many other poets have also written Heer. These include the following.

  • Behbal.
  • Fazal Shah.
  • Hashim Shah.
  • Ali Haider Multani.
  • Maulvi Noor Deen.
  • Mola Bakhsh Kushta.
  • Ahmed Yar Maralvi.
  • Sokhta Amritsari and others.

Heer Ranjha by Syed Waris Shah (R.A)

Heer Waris Shah History

Almost all the work done by different poets in writing Heer Ranjha was in Punjabi. But no poetry collection can match with the version of Waris Shah. The greatest popularity and reverence has been given to only Heer by Waris Shah. It is considered as an encyclopedia of Punjabi culture. It includes beautiful description of all the events that took place in the story. The story is a great success due to the following reasons.

  • It is popular among the general public as it contains the public color and character.
  • Heer Waris Shah depicts the rural life and societal relationships of Punjab.
  • It contains a beautiful blend of Punjabi metaphors, symbols and proverbs.
  • The language used by Waris Shah (R.A) is sweet and attractive.
  • It contains lessons of morality.
  • It has a concept of true love and teaches us the love for religion.

Download Heer by Syed Waris Shah is pdf form from here.

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