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Holy Quran With Urdu Translation

Islam is the second largest religion of the world. Its follower are called Muslims. Holy Quran is the book revealed by Allah Almighty for the Muslims. It is the most read book in the world. It has been translated into a large number of languages. There are hundreds of books on the exegesis of Holy Quran. This book has the superiority over all other religious books in the sense that it remained in his true form. For over fourteen hundred years, not even a single amendment has been recorded in Holy Quran. This holy book remains in its original form even today. Revelation of Holy Quran took almost 23 years. It was revealed in intervals. Holy Prophet (PBUH) who is the savior humanity was bestowed with this “Noblest Book”

Holy Quran

This post is the first in the category of Islamic books on this site. There are two download links available below. First one is the link to download an Arabic Quran without translation. Second link is for Holy Quran with Urdu translation and tafseer (exegesis). Both files are in pdf format. Do recite Quran Pak regularly as it is a compulsory obligation and “farz” for a Muslim. Also remember me in your prayers.

Download Links for Holy Quran

Book Hut has different posts related to tafaseer of Holy Quran. It also has posted the famous Urdu translation of Holy Quran in Urdu. These posts are given below.

Translation of Holy Quran in Urdu (Kanzul Iman)

Tafseer of Quran (Zia ul Quran)

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