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Human Resource Management Gary Dessler 14th edition pdf

Human Resource Management Gary Dessler 14th edition is an eBook on management studies. Its authors are Gary Dessler and Biju Varkkey. Before presenting the review of 14th edition of this book let us see what HRM is.

HRM is a complex of many management practices. It helps is recruitment, appraisal, training and many other tasks for the human resource. Human capital is a very precious asset that an organization possesses. Success of an organization depends on diligent service of its employees. The role of HRM is such a scenario becomes highly important.

With the changing environment, there are challenges building in HRM. The reasons are change in nature of work, globalization, entry of latest technology in job and others. HR managers now days need more hard work to get the best human capital for a firm. HR personnel now perform a variety of job functions ranging from job analysis to labor relations. Study of Human Resource Management as a subject is therefore necessary.

Human Resource Management by Gary Dessler publishes in many international editions. These include the Canadian and Indian Editions. Human Resource Management Gary Dessler 14th edition tries to cover almost all aspect of HR. It has its last section focusing on improving the employee relations. As employees must be assured that the firm keep them at first preference. HR management teaches ethics and fair treatment with the workforce. Safety and health issues of employees also need consideration. This book on HRM will enable the readers to learn and manage global human resources as well.

Human Resource Management Gary Dessler 14th edition – Scope

Human Resource Management Gary Dessler 14th edition is used as textbook of HRM to college and degree students. It is due to the in-depth analysis of the subject that it presents. eBook has been divided into 5 parts. These 5 parts are then further sub divided into 17 chapters.

The introduction chapters highlight the basics of HRM. The managerial techniques and processes in HRM are there in the book. A very important and interesting concept in understanding of Human Resource Management is HR scorecard. The HR scored card along with the strategic HRM approach is there in the introduction part.

Human Resource Management Gary Dessler 14th edition

Second part of the book is Recruitment and Placement. Human Resource Management Gary Dessler 14th edition provides an in depth elaboration of the recruitment process. It offers job analysis along with employee testing and selection. There are latest tools which HR personnel use for recruitment and selection of the process. There is also a mention of different techniques for the interview and selection of new employees. This part of the book handles the foremost function of HRM, that is recruitment of new man power.

Next two sections of Human Resource Management by Gary Dessler are devoted to training, development and compensation. Once the employees have been hired through strict selection process then, they should be trained in different aspects. This training is important in order to align the workers with the norms and workflow of the firm. In this regard development of training of employees becomes critical. HR students and personnel will learn the effective training methods from the book. Moreover, there should be an appraisal system. Incentive increases the devotion of a worker to the work. There is also an explanation of these benefits and services and pay plans by the book authors.

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